Yoga Quotes For Inspiration

For Inspiration

yoga is a great practice for both the body and the mind, We have come up with a list of amazing yoga quotes to motivate and inspire you I hope you enjoy these yoga quotes.  the Best Inspirational Yoga Quotes ——————- Yoga Quote 1 ——————- “The nature of yoga is to shine the light of …

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15 Best Yoga Books For Kids

15 Best Yoga Books For Kids

Learn how to do yoga with kids to help bring a little more peace, joy, and calmness into your kid’s day , and letting them discover yoga on their own! Here’s a list of the best yoga books for kids with alphabetized animals and objects with colorful illustrations of children and animals practicing yoga along with playful rhymes to …

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The Integral Life : Transform Every Dimension Of Your Being

The Integral Life

Transform Every Dimension Of Your Being Transform Every Dimension Of Your Being With Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory: A Holistic Framework For Life That Rewards You With A Beautifully Wide Perspective, And The Personal Power To Make An Extraordinary Impact What You’ll Learn A Richer Spiritual Awareness:You’ll develop a deeper connection with the invisible forces and …

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What is Mindfulness over matter : Ellen Langer

Ellen Langer is an artist and Harvard psychology professor who authored 11 books on the illusion of control, perceived control, successful aging and decision-making. “We have many, many studies that suggest that the limits we assume are real are artificial, and that we don’t have to accept them at all.”

How To Learn to Observe: Look But Don’t Link -Moojiji

This Satsang is a gem for all. From the seed of one question, Moojibaba addresses the full spectrum of humanity’s quest for truth. He reveals the essence and the cornerstones not only of what can seem to hinder our awakening, but also the marvellousness and simplicity of finding and abiding as that which we truly are.